Bridging the gap between expertise and your budget.

ComprehensiveIT offer a personal, professional and cost effective consultancy service.
We can can advise, provision and support your business critical systems!

Don't press the panic button, get in touch with ComprehensiveIT instead!

When you really need your systems to work but they're so complex your friendly IT guy is at a loss that's when you need a company like ComprehensiveIT on speed dial!

ComprehensiveIT has humble beginnings but big ideas. What's key to us is keeping our clients systems running 24/7, protection of our clients data and most importantly providing a professional service. We have an excellent service record supporting clients from various industries providing a high level of knowledgeable advice on both large and small projects. With us you can have the confidence in your IT system to take your business forward.

Confusing, Huh? Well not to us!

We can advise when it gets complex or if you just need a specialist for one system that you just don't have time to learn.

Forming a partnership with your existing IT team.

We love to work with existing IT teams bring peoples expertise together to achieve greatness. We've worked succesfully on projects with resellers, various software and hardware vendors as well as internal IT departments.