Geany the text editor for me(or is it an IDE...)

Why I chose Geany as my text editor of choice and how to make it look like Sublime Text...

Recently a friend recommended Sublime Text when I was desktop hopping(I do this often). I had just gone thought KDE, Enlightenment, Xfce4, Deepin and Gnome 3 and I was comparing Kate and Gedit. My feeling was that while I have no issues with Gedit I prefer Kate for it's out of the box experiece offering me line numbers, good syntax highlighting and collapsible XML.

Now before I start I am not a programmer but a Linux administrator who opens lots of files(such as large log files) and writes the odd script BASH / PHP / Python. Because of this I've always made do with Kate, Gedit or just plain nano(Never been a big vim man although I can get about it...)

So I tried Sublime and it was absolutely great but then I realised I really should pay for this and actually it's bloody expensive! I mean $70 might seem fine to you Dev guys and I've certainly seen the argument online that you can cover the cost of ST from the profit of your first project but I don't really make money directly out of writing stuff so that isn't going to happen and besides that I just couldn't justify it.

Anyway this started me "text editor" hopping, after some time I've finally decided that for me Geany with the settings being set as close to the out of the box Sublime experience as I could really gets the job done, I tried Atom but it seemed clunky and I look at very large log files every day.

So what did I change :

1. Untick View > Show Sidebar
2. Untick View > Show Toolbar
3. Untick View > Show Message Window
4. Install themes and select View > Change Color Scheme... and set the theme to Monokai.
5. Edit > Preferences > Editor > Display Tab. Check "Show Indentation Guides" and disable "Long Line Marker".

At this point it's frightening how similar they look to the light user like myself and I suspect that the bits I'm missing out on are rather great for programmers but things I'd never notice. Anyway I'm happy right now as I can do my job efficiently and it didn't cost me a penny(Thanks to open-source!).


Final point I notice that Sublime text is referred to as a text editor while Geany calls itself an IDE this was actually nearly enough for me to discount Geany at the early stages, I remember thinking that I didn't want a full IDE but in reality ST seems just as much an IDE(Or a text editor) as Geany so a question to the wise out there, which is it and does it even matter?

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