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ComprehensiveIT offers consultancy and management for IT solutions, some of our areas of expertise are shown below :


·Load Balancing



·Microsoft Solutions




·Mail Servers

·Remote Desktop


·Microsoft Azure

·Open Source Software

·RHEL / CentOS




·Web Filters

·Reverse Proxies




· Enterprise


·Microsoft Exchange

·Amazon AWS



We can work at a daily rate, offer maintenance agreements or a completely managed service.

Moving your key systems to the cloud can save you money!

Moving your key services to the cloud not only offers availabilty it actually saves you money too! Here at ComprehensiveIT we provide the highest level of support for your systems without you needing to hire expensive internal support staff.

Hosting your IT systems at your own premises and hiring expensive staff to support it can seem like the solution, I mean you get to manage it, choose the staff supporting it and feel like you have it under your control. However all too often we find that your IT is not as well provisioned and supported as it could be, you have a major failure and realise that the disaster recovery plan is flawed or even worse nobody purchased fresh backup tapes and the old ones are corrupt!

Moving your systems to the cloud can be the solution, you can take advantage of cheap cloud based storage to leverage a more reliable backup solution, use high availability and load balancing solutions to improve uptime and performance plus access all this from anywhere!